skin flower sting (Blume Haut Stachel)


Where skin gets hurt by a sting, flowers of beauty start to grow. It shall transfrom a pond of bud into an ocean of flowers.Woman, stand up, take heart, and reveal your beauty!Could it be, that there grows healing from my deepest shame?

Could it be, that I was created an unique way, with everything I am?
Could it be, that I may encourage other women through my self-ac-ceptance?

Skin flower sting is a photographic art project about the model of femininity and self-worth in our society. The artworks show seven women with unique features of their bodies, on their way from self-doubts to self-acceptance. Behind the unseen is true beauty. This is symbolised through a flower, which each woman choosed herself.This project is part of the Magazine series IDOL.

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